Saturday, 22 November 2014

September&October Favourites and Most Played

Tempo di Most Played, stavolta due mesi in uno perché il sempre meno tempo a disposizione mi ha impedito sia di pubblicare il post in tempo, sia di spaziare molto nella scelta dei prodotti.
Ormai saprete già cosa sia il #teammostplayed, ma in caso contrario GoldenVi0let, la creatrice del 'progetto' (oggi è giornata di afasia, roba che Betello si esprimerebbe meglio), vi spiega tutto qui. Un abbraccio a Chiara fino a Bruxelles!

Time for Most Played! This month in a special package which includes both September and October, basically because the lack of time kept me away from the blog and didn't let me experiment too much in make-up and beauty stuff.
You should already know what #teammostplayed is, but, for rookies, it's a series created years ago by Chiara from GoldenVi0let and that has been extended to whoever wants to participate. Joining the team is simple, just list the products you have used the most in a month or a certain period of time, credit the author and use 'Most Played' in your post title (or in your video's name). Last, use #teammostplayed to share your post on socials. Chiara will share your link on her Facebook page.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

(A Bunch Of) Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Lo so, ormai gli ombretti Nabla sono stati visti e presentati in tutte le salse, ma io alle cose arrivo sempre in ritardo e quello che voleva essere un post di prime impressioni si è trasformato in una recensione.
Immagino che la premessa su cosa sia Nabla la possiamo saltare, no?

I know, Nabla eyeshadows are now uber-famous around the globe but, being the lazy person I am, what I thought would have been a first impression post quickly turned into a review.
A brief recap for non-Italian readers.
Nabla is an Italian indipendent make-up brand launched at the end of 2014. All the products are cruelty-free certified and are mainly made of natural ingredients.
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